🟢First Steps

1. Register in 99minutos

  • Create an account in the sandbox website: URL Self Service
  • Validate the account to the email received
  • Go to Developers section
  • On API Keys V3 section click on Generar
  • After this the client_id and client_secret will be displayed

Use the credentials to generate access tokens as shown in the documentation in the section create access token

Follow the same process in production.


Each environment has an independent set of credentials

2. Request access to fulfillment

AFTER having your clarification call and the Fulfill99 service proposal signed, you will receive the documentation.

When you finish reading it, you have to send an email with the following characteristics:
Subject: Fulfill99 integration - “brand name”

Addressed to the following email = [email protected]

In the email’s body, you will add the email addresses of all people who will be added to the slack group to follow up with the integration.

Once this process is done you can continue with the sandbox integration

Note: if your sandbox tests are successful and you are ready for production, you can contact the previously provided emails and request access to production

3. Configure your work environment


4. How does it work?