Batch tracking can add multiple identifiers of the following format --> /api/v3/shipments/tracking/batch?identifiers={trackingId}&identifiers={trackingId}

Track a shipment by the given identifier. Get all information about the shipments with the related events and data. Remember that if you are thinking of implementing a recurring pull system on this endpoint, you must limit requests to a maximum of 8 per second. However, we also offer a real-time webhook notification system so you get every change in the status of the shipments, which is more efficient than pulling. For more information go to the webhooks section

1001DRAFTIt is the first status when the shipment is created in draft mode. It means that the shipment is not yet ready by the client and its flow will not start until it is confirmed. Note that the draft value is passed when creating the order and defaults to false. Therefore, this status is only passed through if the draft was previously set to true when creating the order.
1002CONFIRMEDThe shipment has been confirmed. It is the first status to trigger the logistics operation. It is the first default state when creating an order (false draft) or when confirming a shipment that was previously created as a draft.
2002ON_ROAD_TO_PICKUPThe shipment is on its way to be picked up. So a driver is heading to the point of origin. Does not apply to p99
2003COLLECTEDThe shipment has been collected and is in the domain of an associated driver of 99minutos.
2101UNSUCCESSFUL_PICKUPThe shipment could not be collected. Within the response object, the attempt attribute is added with the number of collection attempts. See examples
3001STOREDThe shipment is stored in a wharehouse for 99minutos.
3004ON_LINEHAULThe shipment is in transit between stations for 99minutos Not all shipments go through this state.
4001ON_ROAD_TO_DELIVERYThe shipment has left the network of 99minutos stations to the final destination
4002DELIVEREDThe shipment has been successfully delivered to its recipient
4101UNSUCCESSFUL_DELIVERYThe shipment could not be delivered. Inside the response object, the attempt attribute is added with the number of delivery attempts. See examples
5001ON_ROAD_TO_RETURNShipping on the way to return. The return occurs when it is not possible to deliver the package to the recipient and it is returned to the origin
5002RETURNEDThe shipment has been returned to the origin successfully
5101UNSUCCESSFUL_RETURNThe shipment could not be returned. Inside the response object, the attempt attribute is added with the number of return attempts. See examples
7101IN_CORRECTIONIn some cases the information of origin, destination, etc. may not be precise enough to make the shipment. Therefore, this status indicates that some information of the shipment must be corrected.
7102CORRECTEDIf the shipment required correction, it indicates that this has already been done.
8001STOLENIn extremely rare cases for reasons other than 99minutos the shipment is stolen. This is extremely rare.
8003CANCELLEDThe shipment has been canceled via API by the client
8004DAMAGEDThe shipment was damaged during delivery.
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